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Account Deletion Request

Bless Bakery respects your privacy and intends to remain transparent about any personal data we store about individuals.​

The following form will allow you to request deletion of your account and relevant personal and private data. You will be required to authenticate ownership of that address, and may be asked to provide additional identification or information necessary to verify the request.


This will request permanent deletion of your Bless Bakery account.​

Please note that we cannot remove or provide access to data stored on Bless Bakery sites hosted or administered by third parties.​

Not all data can be erased, please review the Privacy Policy for details.​

This will not erase your transaction activity.

By submitting this form, you declare that you are the individual owner of the specified email address and its associated accounts; and that all submitted information including any supplemental details necessary to verify your identity are true. You also declare that it is your intention for accounts associated with that email address to be permanently deleted.

Please Note: Before we can begin processing your request, we’ll require that you verify ownership of the email address. If the email address is associated with an account, we’ll also require you to log in to that account first.

Thanks for submitting!

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